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Hi Truc

Here is the client and server projects, you will need to correct the IP addresses, I do not have myhome legrand to test this on, so I connected iRidium Gate to test going online.

My Project.irpz

There is a feature in iRidium where two drivers the same (same type, host, port), next to each other will be merged, so the second driver will not go online.

Therefore we have had to either put another driver between, or if there are only two drivers, the scheduler and the driver you are controlling, but a dummy driver in between with eg ip of

please send me your project and I will have a look for you. jackie @

Hi Truc

Sorry I made a mistake - the ,13 is not required so one of these will work:

commands[1]="0; Myhome; *1*1*11##; false.";


commands[1]="0; Myhome; *1*1*11##; true.";


Same problem with Windows 7, 64 bit, iRidium version 1.0.8

PLEASE add VCOMP100.DLL to the iRidium installation.


Same issue on a windows 7 64 bit PC with version 1.0.8

PLEASE include VCOMP100.DLL in the installation


When will this be done?

When a command is dragged on, have it remember the last used action, the same as it remembers the event for action (Press, Release, Hold etc)

It is really really painful and makes it very slow going to have to keep changing the command type.


As in my answer above


in separate graphics software create the image you want with a transparent background, import the image into iRidium, drag the image onto a button


1. go to the gallery, select metro gallery | buttons & levels | Chameleon and drag onto page

2. select the button and go to states, change the font type to Others iRidium, put 9 in the text

This is what the screen shot is in my answer above


get a round image and add that to the button

then either add an icon for the three lines


use fonts: