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Hi Marco

The global listener is fine and what you need.

From what I can see the problem is with

if ((name == "Global.input1" && value == 0) && (name == "Global.input2" && value == 1))

You are asking if the name is input1 AND input2 when the name can only be input1 OR input2

So you may want to try something like this

IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)
    //if the name is input1 or input2  
    if ((name == "Global.input1") ||  (name == "Global.input2")){
        //get the value of the other token
        var input;
        if (name == "Global.input1")
            input = IR.GetVariable("Global.input2")

        else if (name == "Global.input2")
            input = IR.GetVariable("Global.input1")
       //do some comparisons to decide which processing to do 
        if ( (value== 1) && (input == 1) ){
            IR.Log("Light ON")
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output1", 1)
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output2", 1)
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output3", 1)
        } else if ( (value== 0) && (input == 0) ){
            IR.Log("Light OFF")
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output1", 0)
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output2", 0)
             IR.SetVariable("Global.output3", 0)
        } else {
            //one is on and one off...

I haven't tested this, but it should get you going in the right direction I hope :)

It should be true as the default state!


Project Settings allow for this - experiment with them to see what works for you:

eg Windows/OS x

- Full screen (set the Landscape width and height to match the screen so proportions are correct)

- OR you can set No frame & Always on top

- OR No frame, Landscape width and height to match the screen so proportions, custom position 0,0

You will have to decide which settings work best for you

Check out the wiki here:

I am getting this when receiving large JSON data also, meaning I have to try and debug in client and not server as remote logging is not working

Please change server so all logging is shown

Hi Ekaterina

Can we change this background colour from script?

eg a project where the page colour changes, it would be great to be able to change the App Background colour in JavaScript.


Perhaps a new setting selecting the colour or image for the additional space?

Hi Truc

Here is a project with 5 minutes and days of week example. please note, I have only added the commands/feedback for the first schedule for days of week, the ones circled here:


My Project 5min.irpz