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Hi Theo, I looked for similar requests before adding this one - I was surprised it was not already there! So happy to withdraw this and vote for the original if found :)
The 'snapshot' method will be fine, however
- it should snapshot when the SAVE button in the JS Editor is clicked, NOT when leaving the JS Editor by clicking on the 'x' or 'ok' buttons
- the SAVE button in the JS Editor allows for snapshotting of multiple scripts that might be worked on at the same time. So the name would be (~projectname.scriptname.js.temp)

The reason why it needs to be by the SAVE button:
I tend to spend 4-6 hours at a time working in the JS editor without going into the GUI editor at all, ie not clicking on the 'x' or the 'OK' buttons. I run the emulator from the JS Editor, and press buttons on equipment and interpret the feedback etc.

As long as the SAVE button in the JS Editor actually saves/snapshots the JS Scripts, I will be very happy.

This is a major issue. This means to save the script that I am working on, I need to either
1. close the JS and click on SAVE in the GUI Editor
2. Save to an external file

Neither of these solutions are acceptable.

I am requesting a feature change as this is a bug - a design bug.

Please change so the save in the JS saves the script with the project - the script is part of the project!!!!!!