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Ok, I will try updating to the latest version after I test it to ensure no other issues stop the project working

DB save issue.docx

Attached is what is happening - I can close server and re open server, reboot PC, and all fine. But as soon as a new version is downloaded, the values are not there and it goes back to the default settings.

I will see if the new version fixes this for me.


i have not had time to look

but you can replicate by downloading an update to an iridium server project that has database tags. when the server starts, the previous values are not there.


I tend to use Global_Tag_Change in the client, for example

var SIPDriver = IR.GetDevice("SIP");
IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value){
  // IR.Log(  "========SetGlobalListener name: " + name + "  value: " + value)
   switch (name){
      case "Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 51":
      case "Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 44":
      case "Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 41":
      case "Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/56/ 78":
         //the front door has been opened, stop sip ringing
         SIPDriver.Set("CANCEL", "");
      case "Drivers.iRidium Server.Integriti.History_Summary":
           if (value >1)
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 51");
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 44");
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/57/ 41");
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.Clipsal C-Gate.Level 254/56/ 78");
IR.SubscribeTagChange("Drivers.iRidium Server.Integriti.History_Summary");

//This one checks to see if the value in the edit box is >= 0 or <= 255

 IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_CHANGE,IR.GetItem(Mullions_G1).GetItem("R 1"), function() {    
 var edtText = IR.GetItem(Mullions_G1).GetItem("R 1").Text;      
if(edtText.Text !=''){
IR.Log("edtText " + edtText)
if(edtText >= 255) { //set the edit box text back to 255
IR.GetItem(Mullions_G1).GetItem("R 1").Text = "255"
if (edtText <= 0){ //set the edit box text back to 0
IR.GetItem(Mullions_G1).GetItem("R 1").Text = "0"

Hi Ian

Attached is a working sample project that gets the time

Time http.irpz


What Alessandro has described is the difference between serial and IP commands.

Attached is a script that lets you flip between the serial and IP connections, and also has extras like the network functions control and some other bug fixes.

At the bottom of the script (same script for Onkyo & Integra) you will find this line to change the settings

This has been tested on Integra and used in many projects in V3

Integra-Onkyo V17.js

Hi Oksana

Can IR.HideGroup please be re-added to the code completion as not in



To do this, when assigning to the feedback add a .toString()


In addition, if I created a server project just to get more logging, the server truncates the logging if there is too much, eg in long JSON data from Nuvo:

remote debugging for windows is crucial