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Hi, to clarify I am not asking for an external JS Editor - for most people this would make things more complicated, not less, so if done it should be an option (and I have left this comment on the request)

The existing system needs to be much much faster when saving, sending to transfer and runnging the emulator.


I think this should be an option to use an external IDE.

For most users this would make it more complicated rather than less complicated.

hi. Glad to see there are improvements for the beta but I need a solution now :(

Any suggestions please?? We go have a demo with the customer early next week and I need a solution :)

Correction to above: there are 351 sliders + 351 edits + 351 on/off buttons + 700 up/down buttons + 79 colour wheels... I need a good solution that is robust :)


Solved it. There was daylight harvesting that was still in the process of being setup and tuned - turning this off dramatically reduced the amount of traffic on the bus and iRidium commands and feedback were in nano-seconds - how we expect it :)

We will also reduced all feedback variables as much a possible when we are ready to go live (next week!).


Hi Ekaterina

re: You can control it on KNX side. Just turn off the Read tick in the settings of Group Address

We have done this - but the group addresses without any settings ticked in ETS are getting queried (as they are all importing), up to 3 times each, meaning the initial reads are up to about 6000! This is killing the KNX bus.

I am going on-site with the installer in the morning and will get the log and all the other requested details and everything else I can fine out.

thanks :)

Any suggestions please?


Problems we are having

- all addresses are getting queried on startup, and each time the iPad add comes to the foregroung

- even with a small project of 3 group addresses there is some lag - not instant. We have connected straight to the IP router to rule out the nextwork

- send time is 0

my questions

- can we control the initial read ?

- does the read happen everytime the ipad project comes to the foreground? Seems to, how do we stop this?

- any idea on the lag? We have connected to this gear this before in training without lag. I am getting the KNX log for you

How do we stop it or tell it to do just some addresses when, eg, we change floors? This installation is waaaaay to big to have this happen everytime the ipad wakes up.

Pulse - send same command after the pulse delay


cmd 1

Pulse Delay

cmd 1

Delay - just add the delay, do not repeat the command, so we can drag on a different command.

Eg when yamahYNCA.power Main on , delay AFTER is 200.


Cmd 1 (power on)

Delay (200)

So Pulse + Delay would be:

Cmd 1

Pulse Delay

Cmd 1