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Hi Gary

I have had that problem when there is something wrong with the path to the server - check the path and permissions etc After I got this right it worked every time and no problems since :)


You will need to write a script to break up the feedback received and write it to a feedback for use in the GUI Editor driver feedback. Start here:

If it is just the volume that you need, contact me (, and $50USD will get you a script to get the volume feedback - send me your test project and I will add it all in for you :)

Or if you want, if you send the documentation I can write a full driver for the controller with all the commands and feedback for you for a reasonable price. (I will need remote access to the controller for testing)


We have not had any issues with the iRidium Clipsal CGate driver with delays in feedback, it should be instant

Secondly, we have recently implemented Climate Control (Application 172 HVAC) in our own JAMware Clipsal CGate Driver for iRidium 2 (we have tested on 2.1 on-wards up to 2.2.3). This is a screen shot of my test program, it is showing the data from 2 Thermostats (PC_TSB5 and PCTSB)

You can get more information here:

Hi Oksana,

Not yet but will do so in the next couple of weeks and let you know.

What does this mean in English please? Thanks :)

Ok this is what we did to get around this

All items on the page have

- hold time 200

- all commands are on hold, with a short hold time, it is almost like a press for the user and they cannot tell the difference

Trigger buttons change state when touched. So we have two trigger buttons

1. transparent on top with command on and feedback - this one does the work

2. underneath with feedback and shows change of state on feedback (not when the trigger item is touched)

I have hit this limit with a large project where I need to change states based on project tokens as there is no feedbac.

The project is due to be handed over tomorrow.... aaagggghhhhh!!!!!

I have reduced as much as I can but there is a listener on each button, slider and edit and colour picker, and no way around this.

Suggestions anyone??? Please