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To clarify, I was not asking to change pulse to delay just to include delay :)

I think we could have something like this, so there is the option to have either pulse and/or delay after the command

Can we increase the width of send command - adding a delay is a very common action - probably more common than pulse?

Thanks, looking forward very much to getting this! :)

Sure do :)

Clipsal Schedule plus great scheduling here are the Screen shots, and a suggestion at the bottoom for how it might work in Studio. Thanks

Screen shots:

Day – Simple View

Day – Advanced view

– the year selection only shows if ‘Any Year’ is NOT ticked.I have just overlayed screen shots so you could see all the options

- we will also need to be able to set the public holidays in a calendar - perhaps in the year view?

Year View –


Note: Ability to use Sunrise and Sunset - Will need ability to access this - Scheduler has it built in based on location

Suggestion is to have something like the following

To add commands/feedback/tags etc use standard drag and drop onto schedule in list above, per

Double Click on one of the schedules to see details

Then in details modal form:

  • Tab one have day
  • Tab two have time
  • Tab three have macros editor to give full power to the schedules

We will also need to have a 'Schedules token' to have schedule enabled/disabled easily.


I believe Barry is asking to add the delay to the send command to reduce the amount of steps (and thus time) it takes to build a series of commands (macro) on a button press


send on


send input


send station 01

Currently we have to

1. add the commands

2. Go into macros editor and add delays

What we would like to do

1. add the command and at the same time add the delay

Mostly applies to beta testing forums :)

I would also like to see being add the SAME command to more than one item at a time

Thanks, that will be the issue I am having. Looking forward to the fix. :)
Hi. These are my settings

Using Program: Syslog Watcher:
The Port is not in use.

We cannot get this to work on
- My Windows PC (the machine the Sys Log Watcher is on)
- an iPad 2