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Hi Dmitry,

I try re-start the emulator, but still it's not work.

Another project with same problem...this project work on customer's device with licence.

Sorry for update an old thread, but with last version of studio, emulator don't work without licence.

iRidium Studio v1.0.6.19018

iRidium Client v1.0.6.9691

Another idea is add an option for show scroll bar permanently.

For example in the parameter "Scroll Bar" we can choose for:

- "Never/Hide/False" for invisible scroll bar (as actual "False" value)

- "Momentary/Auto-Hide" for temporarly show (as actual "True" value)

- "Always/Show/True" for always visible scroll bar

This is a great idea for all panel (Android, iOS, Windows)

I extract DATETIME for system database with this code.


var db = IR.GetDatabase();

var tag_id = sql.Request('SELECT TAG_ID FROM TAGS_PASSPORT WHERE NAME = "KNX.UPS - Power"').GetRowValue(0,0);
var req = sql.Request('SELECT VALUE FROM FLOAT_TAG_HISTORY WHERE TAG_ID = ' + tag_id);


but i also open a copy of db with an sql viewer.

In same case i have an value in real format.

and if i need search a value by date, what is the correct query?

Hello Oksana,

When you think to release the version with improved trend?


On iRidium 2.2, it's have a default value (0) and i never change it...

On iRidium 3, I think if it is not declare, the driver use same port for send and receive packet.

Ok, now work. I fix my driver.

Thank you Dmitry