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If you have connected ipad with ethernet adapter then try change power supply with 30W model.

With last update, 12W power supply not recharge battery and power accessory connected.

This is the project

ECA Technology.sirpz

and now iridium load the data. I think to find the problem: the permission of DB. Initiali the file have pi:pi as proprietary. Now i change it to root:root and i can see old value stored in the DB.

In any case, Can you try it for confirmation?

Thank you.

Hello Vladimir,

I check logs and i not find anything for DB error.

But i find the logs in "/root/iRidium Server/Logs/" (on new server).

i copy the database into "/root/iRidium Server/Database" as i can see on web page (DataBase Directory: /root/iRidium Server/DataBase/).

I check the DB with third-party viewer and the data is ok.

Please check if you can load it.

Thank you

Simple, you need create 4 trigger with off state trasparent and connect only 1 feedback for each. Next set all item on same position.

On bottom item set the off state with your graphic.

Is not a best solution, but it's a simple.

If you mean that the names for BAOS 777 and BAOS 774 are imported differently, then I agree with you.


777 import the string present into parameter "Description".

Is a good idea get this string if the importer can't find the description into the object. Or get the name of group address connected to object.

Hello Dmitry,

try with this... IPBaos.knxproj

777 and 774 have same configuration (parameter and group address), but when import on iridium i have different names for commands and feedbacks.

If I import as router, i have the names of group address

If I import the 777, i have the parameters "Description" as name

If I import the 774, i not have the name (the object description is automatical filled by ets)

So, Why 777 and 774 get different informations?

mmm...I have set the automatic description on ets parameter, so i can see it... Baos parameters are present the description fields. I thought the importer would take these values, sorry

But with Baos772 and 777 it work

Sorry for wait...

Try with this project.

Object 11 not have the "Read" and "Initial" flag, but iRidium import it with "Read on start" option.


More...Still iRidium not import the description when import the Baos (sorry, i can't find my old thread for this issue).

Good day Abhishek,

no, i not do anything. I only installed "Surveillance Station" and configured the camera and user.

Sorry, but i not have an synology on office to try it, but i create this project from script that work on my customer. try it (change the parameter into script).


more, you can find the documentation here