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I can't send my project, but i create a new simple project for test.




Hi Dmitry,

yes, both server and panel not receive packets.

I use a "Custom Driver (UDP)" with Host: <IPGateway>, Multicast: True, Group: <IPBroadcast>

Next i create a new script with EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT event on driver and insert a simple IR.Log

Hi Maurits,

on iRidium Studio, developers insert a dedicate window for manage popup groups.

But, personally, I think that is more useful old management. Double group can confuse.

It would be better to have a flag to choose if use the new or old management.

Thank you Dmitry.

I find the problem on: iRidium Studio installation, and on my project.

I uninstall your program and delete all directory, reinstall Studio and server, and re-do my test project (copy/paste script). Now work.

But i not undestand the cause of problem...

Hi Dimitry.

But i have this code on a script and it not trigger when i send a value from panel.

function ServerChannel(ChannelName){
   IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function (name, value)
IR.Log(name + " = " + value);

IR.SubscribeTagChange(ChannelName); } var Channel = new ServerChannel("Server.Channels.Irrigation_Command");

Where i wrong?

With iRidium 1.0.4, I have a good audio quality. But sometime, usually at first call after an application restart, SIP driver not send the calling request. I need do call, hangup and recall.

Hi Ekaterina,

have you an ETA for release this feature?

Waiting...How can I auto-run iRidium Server on startup?

With iRidium 1.0.3, SIP driver work. But Audio quality is terrible. I try with my and your demo project.

Anyone have try it with an touchpanel/iPad (speakerphone) and an doorstation intercom?

I try same device and same doorstation with other softphone (Vasercontrol for iOS and Zoiper for windows) and I have best result...

I must make special settings on your driver?

Unsable service....

9 time of 10, yahoo answer with "result: null"

More, driver timeout is too low...

Hi Roger,

you've solved the problem of detection devices present on the Iridium module?