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Hi Dmitry,

sorry but i not approve this change of status...

you have checked that iridium not receive the 2bit and 4bit data type, why you change this ticket as "not a bug"?

if iridium not receive this data type from ets, why iridium must
receive if this telegrams are send from an device? the telegrams is the

Hi Aleksandr,

have you fix the issue with descriptions? now studio import it?

I can confirm.

Width of panel in runtime can't exceed the width of main monitor.

Have you try with 1bit or 1byte? This datatype works on iRidium feedback when i send it from ets. So, why 2bit not work?


Hi Dmitry,

Have you some news?

Unfortunately i not have one ip interface on office. But i try with ip baos 777 without any configuration (only IP Address).

iRidium connect to it with IP Router driver (on port 3671) and can send 2 bits command (i can see telegram on ETS Group Monitor), so driver work.

You can send 2 bits telegram from ETS and see if iRidium receive it.

Hi Dmitry,

have you an ip baos? you can use it as ip interface (with ets work).

Hi Dmitry,

have you a news of this issue?

Some of our customers have more that one panel project so sometimes the script reduce luminosity when they open side menu for change project.

if i not remember wrong, On i2 i can use IR.CurrentPage to check if system menu is open or not.

otherwise, can i have an token for "activity"?