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EVENT_TAG_CHANGE work only with native driver.

If you use a custom driver, the event not trigger.

Also, have you any message on log window?

Hello Iain. Try this.



 if(name == "SIM_PBTrigger" && value == 1)



Hi Aleksandr,

our client requested the possibility to modify the project by himself, so we passed him the license and he created a developer account.

ok, but when I use i3Pro in local (on touch-screen) it work fine, fullscreen or not.

I have problem only when i try use 13Pro in remote (connected with teamviewer or vnc on touch-screen). If the problem is the support OGL, is possible that i not have problem in local?

Hello Vladimir,

I not understand...if my devices (all devices have this problem) not support OGL3.0, i3Pro can run with render setted as OGL?


Render is set as OGL

Same problem here.

Project resolution: 1920x1080

Remote screen resolution: 1920x1080

Client pc resolution: 1920x1080

Remote program: TeamViewer and tightVNC

In "full screen" mode i have a freeze screen only on i3Pro, more i not set "always top" but i3Pro set focus on it and i can't show any other application (i can't see task manager....!)

More I suggest to create a shortcut for switch between full screen mode and window mode!

Hello Dmitry,

sorry, I can't give you access to client house.

All devices that have the function of "force operation" have the 2bit object. For example all MDT output devices have it.

On XML you can see a recorder of ets comunications:

1. a read request of 2 bit address from ets

2. a response of 2 bit address from device

3 and 5. a command of 2 bit address from ets

4 and 6. a change state of output channel from device

All telegrams have received an ACK response from bus


Good day Dmitry,

ETS send data on KNX bus, not directly to iRidium...but i connected on our client and i recorder the telegrams of 2bit...see attachment