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If the studio is slow, please switch it to DirectX.

Tools -> Options -> Show

Hi everyone!

Please, try the new version of Sonos module.

Metro_Sonos_Retina_2048_RC_2.2.1 v3.irpz

We fixed some bugs in this version. 


Can you repeat the problem in new version of iRidium Studio ?


Unfortunately, we could not repeat the problem. Could you describe step by step how to repeat the problem ? Also specify if the problem is repeated on the newly created project. Or is it repeated only on your old project?

It does not find any radio station.

Unfortunately, this functionality does not work. This is related to the limitations of Sonos.

But overall this is not working properly... I get lots of errors in the Log... especially the XML parsing error seems to be the cause i think.

These errors usually do not affect the operation of the module.

What version of i3Pro do you use on your laptop ?


Do you use a project from this topic?

On which device do you start it? Does the standard Sonos application work from the same device?


If you do not receive the lists, please try our new beta version 1.2.0.