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Would you like me to help you? Either through Wireshark captures or through teamviewer? I can further help you with testing the modules for bugs as well.

Especially when server is in Beta, there is always a possibility of deleting projects and restarting.

However, one of the methods I follow when testing beta features and/or new features is to create a new project and only add a few modules. This way even if I delete the project its fine since I would not have invested too much time.

Only when I have tested the features in a test setup and am satisfied do I actually start implementing the features in a working project. I have had my share of frustration and pain, this seems to be the best compromise.

Has there been any decision to incorporate this feature? The possibility to add commonly used modules would be nice.

Thank you for setting a timeline. Looking forward to this particular feature.

Having the ability to open third party apps through URL Scheme in i3lite will open a world of possibilities. Any progress on this front yet?

Everything is correct

Yes My IR Emitter recognizes 0

Yes My IR Emitter also recognizes Scene No

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply so fast. I hope you can do it at the earliest, this feature will be very useful.

Can you tell us when this feature will be implemented?