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The solution suggested is an interesting alternative.

I do not see homekit/Siri support - What about homekit and Siri Voice assistant support?

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I wish the existing project works without the voice feature when the Server is down.

As an integrator I am worried about support if the computer goes down for no fault of mine and my client feels he got a bad solution.

It is for this very reason I have been avoiding other server based solution.

So if the computer malfunctions or shutsdown, until we replace of fix the computer the iPad and iPhone panel do not work.

Is there a workaround until the computer is fixed?

Since i3lite has SIP integration module, I was hoping that the IOS background fetch option can be used to keep the app running in the background continuously

Thank you so much for implementing URL Scheme.I just tested it a few minutes back and it works great. I appreciate you taking the time to implement this feature that I requested. This feature is awesome!

Thank you so much, its wonderful to see you take the feedback and implement it. I have checked the implementation and it reflects the changes. I will test it to see the functionality and give feedback if any.

Thank you so much, This will be an amazing feature!!

Has this feature of opening third party apps using URL Scheme been implemented yet?

Sony BRAVIA KD 55X8500 Series TV is available with a friend. I do have LG and Samsung TV's installed with my clients.