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Hello Dmitry, the file I just downloaded has the same name, modified date and size as the one I downloaded a few weeks ago.  Could you please check?

Is this module compatible with current Sonos devices?  I currently have a Sonos Connect Version 7.3.  

I can see currently playing items, pause and control volume, however when selecting music sources there are no items in the selected source.  The only working music source that is populated is "Radio", where I can navigate through the various options.  Also, there is nothing displayed in the "Current Playlist" column.  

Fantastic !!!!!

The first time it didn't work, I reset i3Pro, and then it worked perfectly !!!!

I will test it the rest of the week and keep you informed.

Thanks !!!


I have already created folders and organized them respectively. However, I don't see any benefit from having to organize them in folders and also in Popup Groups. The benefits of organizing in groups are obviously that only one popup from each group is displayed at a time. Does this apply to folers also? If so, then I can understand that we have to migrate to this method of organization. But if it does not work this way then my suggestion would be to be able to switch to either folder view or group view. And in either view to be able to sort alphabetically and age view.

Was this really fixed? I am using version and still no way to switch the mode of displaying the tree [Folders/Popup Groups]. There is still no button: