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Hi, I am reverting back to my initial question.

in order to connect to device serial interface (on android the serial device is /dev/ttyS1) what needs to be entered to the host field ? COM1, ttyS1, \\.\COM1 ??

So far I am un able to connect to that 

As noted before - this is ProDVX android tablet that has built in serial for controlling side led bars. Hence the serial port looks like /dev/ttyS1 on the device. The device port is accessible for the demo app that comes with the tablet and the example code in java connects directly to /dev/ttyS1. Hence the question - if I want to connect to serial interface that is physically located on the device as /dev/ttyS1 how do I do it.

LG Power over WOL, OFF over snmp.

30 32 02 01 01 04 09 6c 67 65 63 6f 6d 6d 65 72 a3 22 02 04 3a 3e 1d 4d 02 01 00 02 01 00 30 14 30 12 06 0c 2b 06 01 04 01 bd 10 82 2c 03 01 00 04 02 30 30

Did you manage to overcome this issue ?

Ilya, would you consider the exaple above good code ? Say you need to send an xml through post for different control items, lets say for and example remote control interface. In this case then you would have for every key on the remote the dragging headers. Examplify even more:

Lets say Body would be for 

button 1:   Data: [<xml><some><system><tag>1</tag></system></some></xml>]

button 2:   Data: [<xml><some><system><tag>2</tag></system></some></xml>]


button 0:   Data: [<xml><some><system><tag>3</tag></system></some></xml>]

While setting up a function for creating this data as string, the rest of the sendex should be a string too  - can it be a string is more a quiestion

So in this case the beautifyul code would be:

IR.GetDevice("Server REST").SendEx(preambula + data + headers + footer); instead of 15 lines of same repeating code.

I just hate that I would need to repeat same for each js function.

In essence I can formulate the string for the sendex

var sendexstring = ' "{" + Preambula + data + footer + "}"'

and call it IR.GetDevice("Server REST").SendEx(sendexstring);

the proble is more like that the emulator crashes if I do so..