Your comments

can I use iRidiumServer64 that came with pro for hosting lite project

or i have to use Server for lite version only

can I have a link for voice control modules?

when i purchase license i didn't see option to add voice control 

only pro(panel/server), lite(panel/server) and Gate


iRidium lite = visualisation + server + voice control.

iRidium Gate = server + voice control.

if i purchase new/upgrade license to iRidium lite it will include everything?

or  voice control available in gate only?

problem remain the same but now i have workaround by add "exit" button to panel that use on smart phone.


I think I found a problem 

I'am not sure if it related to new Android permission system (Requesting Permissions at Run Time) or not


Some of permission is denied/turn off for some reason

, once I3 request to use that permission but it denied I3 is crash instead of ask user for permissions again

I Fully clear i3 data, uninstall and reinstall 1.1.8 APK

now my i3 is working correctly now


Im on pure Android 7.1.2 (Just factory reset my phone)

Nexus 6P Device

That nice!
I will contact you via email once i need
but now i already own IC00R01KNX so I try to using this first :)

ps. If i have to import just kBerry maybe it better for me to order UMC and just plug it in for my client :)

Sorry for not being clear,

I mean my sister already left UK so there is no one to get a package for me anymore 


Thanks for your help:(

unfortunately there is no one in EU right now :(


For this one

I already try on Serial driver

but it not working

I already test device using

minicom -H -w -b 19200 -D /dev/ttyAMA0

and output looking ok

but  IR server not response anything

Im not sure if protocol is same for all device or not

protocol document:

so is it possible to add support for this one?

; kBerry is not available on my country

and this device talk directly to KNX not BAOS server