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Hi Thao,

Did you get the communication to work with ADS?

I am going to try one more time!



This is what I have got at this moment.

For testing I have 1 output (.Q_uitgang1) in twincat Beckhoff PLC.

I linked it to PLC Var name.

ADS info

When I run the emulator on Iridium , I get this info:

Twincat configuration is as follows:

Which ADS port to use for the output 11 or 351?

The problem is that I don't get the output PLC to 1 in iridium (While output Q_Uitgang1 is high on the Beckhof PLC)

So the communication is not working as it should be.

Any help is welcome?



Yes , I did.

I also used the correct IP adres of the Beckhoff PLC in IridiumMobile.

like : .Q_output

When output 1 is high on the Beckhoff, in iridium it is  0 after I start the emulator in Iridium Mobile.



Hello Stijn,

It seems that you solved the ADS communication error between Irridium and Beckhoff.

I have the same problems that you had (the communication works - and ADS.STATUS=2). But I also don't get the commands to work.

How did you solve this?

Thanks in advance!!