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This will be a very great feature to make more structure in commands/feedbacks.. right now its a big mess. Is this planned?

But is it possible to use IFTTT with i3 Pro ? 

is there maybe a script snippet on the start / stop part? lets hope that Sonos maybe get that possibility in the future 

thanks for your answer 

Hello Vladimir 

Here is some screenshots 

as you can see its set to range 180 - 240 (18 - 24 c) 

Is this feature forgot ?? is there a other way to see if there is a command / feedback assigned to a button.. its waste of time to check all buttons to be sure..!

hi there..after merging this project (sonos.irpz) into my project, the i3 pro is crashing (ipad 2 + samsung tablet + ipad air )..

is there a stabil version of Sonos solution ?

all this show images is from group 128x128 but there are also 256x256 and 32 x 32.. where is it to find located in directory?

please go back to old management.. there is NO structure in the projects more.. I agree with the other guys..

Totally agree with the others.. The first big project i just finished to end-user, think that was diffucult with all mail and registartions.. for the next projects i have plans to make a mail like this: and make every thing ready , then they only got a username and password after thiers clients is setup.