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Probably one of the most requested feature. Please implement this feature, waiting eagerly. I know you won't disappoint. 

Two factor authentication is an issue and i pointed it out a long time ago

yes, there was no issue.

At a later date if you could trigger i3lite from IFTTT that would be an interesting feature

Currently we are able to trigger IFTTT from i3lite. Is there a way to trigger and i3lite event from IFTTT ?

I have tried this feature and it works great. There is a small time delay though.

Thank you so much, looking forward for the implementation of this feature.

Thank you for the response,

It would be nice if you include Sunset +- 00:30, Sunset +- 01:00 etc upto 2hrs and the same for sunrise as well.

Which menu can I find "server routine at sunrise and sunset" ? 

I am unable to find sunrise and sunset in routines.

I have done this but it does not work. I have set up to send message when Gate open is triggered.

How long does the event need to last in order for this to work. Since in my use case, the trigger is a normally open circuit that is just closed momentarily to trigger the motorized gate opening.