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Thanks sir.

Yes I hope ..

Still my question regarding the camera , is it possible for a user to take photo from the mobile camera and store it, or this method  IR.Camera is only for video streaming ?

Appreciate your help

Thanks , It works ..

that's my final code: 

function openGallery() {

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_PHOTO_FROM_GALLERY, 0, function(filename, filepath){
            var photoName = "photo_" + new Date().getTime().toString() + ".png";
            IR.RenameFile("images/" + filename, "images/" + photoName);
            IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).Image = photoName;
            IR.GetPopup("Popup 1").GetItem("img").GetState(0).ImageStretch = 1;