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Looks like it was necessary to restart the application after adding the module.

Now it works fine.

When can we expect the KNX interface devices to work with Google Home?

Another problem and the main one is I have created a button via the KNX interface module, but it isn't visible by the google home module.

I tried creating a macro where it does the press button action and then adding it to google home as a macro, but it doesn't appear on the home app even though I tried unlinking and linking the account multiple times.

Now I have another problem with the KNX interface module.

I tried to add a blinds sub-device using it.

I click on blinds, after that I click to chose the blind open address (or any other address), I enter my group address and click OK.

After that the whole dialog box disappears and nothing happens.

It doesn't add the device or let me change the other group addresses for the blinds sub-device.

I am using iridium lite server 1.3.12 and application 1.3.11.

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