Sign in with QR-code

Jan Oost 6 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 6

On the login screen, I found  "SIGN IN WITH QR-CODE". How does this work. I've checked the forum, but all info seems to be V2. Whatever I try, I'll get QR Code not supported. 



This functionality will be available under a special BYOD license. In ordinary projects, this is not used.

My client has requested an easier way to login and this looks easier... This is for the Aileen App BTW.

17/05/2018 iRidium Setup

Client i3 Pro (

  • Function for working with BYOD is added
  • Driver for working with the ODBC interface is added ( Only Win client! )


  • BYOD. Authorization by QR codes is added


  • BYOD. Authorization by QR codes is added

But how can I use it? I see "Function for working with BYOD is added", but I can't more information about this.

Do you have an example for me?


No, the documentation is in the process of publication and will be available later. We will make a newsletter about this.

Can you share the name of the function? 

It is nice to put extra functionality in a system, but I don't understand why a new version is released without having the documentation ready...

1. This is not a function, this is part of the license (addon). You do not need to use scripts for it. It is necessary to wait for the documentation, everything will be described there.
2. The function is released for a real project, for other integrators it will be available after publishing the documentation.