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For work with Fibaro module, requires a license from Z-wave - which is developer of this module.

Contacts the developer you can find on the download page of the module.

Also in the archive with the module has a manual describing the work with this module.

To use this module in your project, you need to merge the projects.

How to merge the projects

Unfortunately there is no possibility to implement your proposed method. In our editor are missing the means necessary for reading the position of the mouse cursor.

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iRidium mobile support team

Read about this on our wikipedia http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/GUI_API

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iRidium mobile support team
А на локальном клиенте? На пк работает? Если да, то скорей всего брендмауер, или антивирус может блокировать загрузку. Если это возникает только после возникновения ошибки, то нам необходимо знать что вы делаете, чтобы эта ошибка у вас повторялась
Yes, you can use one license and several devices. But it is important to always had a connection with a licensed device. The license works only if there is connection with the licensed Global Cache module.

And remember:
It is important to know that a Global Cache iTach converter can support not more than 4 control panels at a time. A GC-100-XX converter can support only 1 connection at a time.

About the types of licenses read on our Wikipedia in the "Licensing" section http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/Licensing

Unfortunately the module was created by a third party developer. Concerning access to the script you can refer to them.
Information about the developer you can find on the description page of the module


Also read the instruction on work with the module