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After adding the HDL Intreface, click on the "+" in the upper-right corner, then click HDL Scanner.

In the module, you need to specify the gateway settings (host and port) through which you want to work with HDL. If you have a local connection, then you do not need to specify any usernames and passwords. If the settings are correct, the scanner can find your HDL devices located behind the HDL gateway.


We recommend using the HDL Interface module. There is an HDL scanner.


Here is a script module with OAth version 1. You can see the implementation method. If we find an example of a module with OAth version 2, we will inform you additionally.


You got it right - you need to create this in Javascript. We don't have a ready-made driver or module for this. We don't know if anyone has done something similar in Javascript in i3 pro.


For OAuth2 and encryption methods, see this discussion. The encryption documentation is here. We do not have a separate tool for implementing OAuth2.


You need to make sure that the port is not occupied by another application. From i3 pro, you can access the port via a custom driver.

You can create a driver either in the editor or in a script.From the script, send commands using the Send method. To obtain the data either through EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA or EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT.

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Yes, it is possible. The Z-Wave documentation is here.